eRugbyUSA is a digital platform for eSports Rugby Tournaments, free and open to everyone. It was started by rugby players with the goal of bringing the rugby community together and taking the positive side of the video games. 


eRugbyUSA aims to work with Geographical Rugby Unions to drive them into the esports world and to be their esports bracket, as well as leading the charge to make rugby the next sport to make the transition into the ever-growing esport world.  


In order to organize the competition, the United States will be divided into 4 Regions: Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern. eRugbyUSA will host Open, Qualifying, and National Tournaments to find the best eSport Rugby player in the country.

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eRugbyUSA is building the future of eSports Rugby Tournaments, and we're always looking to grow the team. Ask about job opportunities


eRugbyUSA is a not-for-profit dedicated to promoting healthful recreation, good sportsmanship, diversity and inclusion in esports rugby tournaments.

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